June 19

Sexual and Gender Minorities (e.g, LGBTQA+)

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Table of Contents


  1. Introduction: The Gender Lens And Innovation In The Social Sciences F Jenkins, M Sawer, K Downing - How Gender Can Transform the Social Sciences, 2020

  2. Sense Of Belonging Within The Graduate Community Of A Research-Focused Stem Department: Quantitative Assessment Using A Visual Narrative And Item Response … CN Stachl, AM Baranger - Plos one, 2020

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Table of Contents

Systems and Constructs

  1. Beyond Equity As Inclusion: A Framework Of “Rightful Presence” For Guiding Justice-Oriented Studies In Teaching And Learning A Calabrese Barton, E Tan - Educational Researcher, 2020

  2. Equity, Diversity, And Inclusion: Revising The Concept Of Military Professionalism In The Canadian Armed Forces S Greco, S von Hlatky - Rethinking Military Professionalism for the Changing …, 2020

  3. Life Design, Inclusion, And Sustainable Development: Constructs, Dimensions And New Instruments To Stimulate A Quality Future Design For All S Santilli, I di Maggio, MC Ginevra, L Nota, S Soresi - Careers for Students with …, 2020

  4. Political Representation: The Gendered Effects Of Voting Systems M Sawer, M Tremblay - How Gender Can Transform the Social Sciences, 2020

  5. Were California’s Decarceration Efforts Smart? A Quasi-Experimental Examination Of Racial, Ethnic, And Gender Disparities A Gottlieb, P Charles, B Mcleod, J Kjellstrand, J Bonsu - Criminal Justice and …, 2020

  6. Toward Feminist Energy Systems: Why Adding Women And Solar Panels Is Not Enough✰ SE Bell, C Daggett, C Labuski - Energy Research & Social Science, 2020

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  13. Moving Toward Digital Equity In The Technopolis PE Resta - STEM in the Technopolis: The Power of STEM …, 2020

Table of Contents


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